Social Responsibility

A world where everyone is happy.

The world of happiness all together

The road at which the share administration of Korea Zinc is aiming

Korea Zinc is not coming to an end to contribute to our country's economic development and is exercising the social responsibility of enterprise by implementing the patronage and volunteer activity extending into many field to create "the world of happiness all together"

The comprehensive social welfare work

We are sharing the love with isolated neighbors through the packed lunch of love, the stepping-stone, the share of love briquette, the Kimchi of love, the aid to the resident escaping from North Korea, the assistance to the earthquake in Japan, the support for the consolatory activity for the Yeonpyeong island, the aid to the family of grandfather and grandson, etc.

The business for the eccouragement of learning

Our firm is supporting to help the children and adolescent dream the bright future by participating in the business for the encouragement of learning the seed of hope by the Korean Red Cross Society, the passbook business of Dream Wing by seoul Metropolitan City, etc. Including the patronage of 1 company 1 school with Duk Shin Primary school, Onsan Junior High School, the support of scholarship for the Students through Kyungwon Cultural Foundation.

The welfare benefits nusiness for the children

Our firm is making an effort to help the children raise the dream and hope by supporting the ecological and the preparation of library.

The supporting business for the needy neighbors

Our firm is doing the support project for the residency such as the house building, the house repair of hope, the peoject for the village of hope, etc. for the needy neighbors at home and abroad. Also, our firm spares no patronage for the neighbors in need of help such as the multicultural familiese, the single mother, the disabled person, etc. and is playing a role in the environmantal preservation.

Korea Zinc and its people will throw their heart and soul in the share administration opening to the world in which all is happy and can laugh.